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Homeopathy is a 200-year-old system of healing commonly used in Europe, India and South America . . . Based on the principle of "like cures like", homeopathy recognizes that substances capable of producing symptoms in healthy individuals can treat those same symptoms in people who are sick. The approach in homeopathy is holistic: assessment is based on the entire breadth of one's symptoms, with the purpose of restoring greater health on physical, mental and emotional levels.

With chronic disease, prescription medicines suppress and palliate symptoms, whereas homeopathy recognizes those same symptoms as "the tip of the iceberg" . . . The body, mind, and emotions respond to stress in an integrated way, and accordingly a variety of symptoms are experienced. In other words, one can be challenged by hereditary tendencies, the environment, or personal behaviors, and as a result one experiences a wide range of symptoms. Conventional medical assessments emphasize common and "objective" symptoms--generally physical-while the homeopathic process places importance on one's "subjective" experience of disease as well. Therefore the focus in homeopathy is on the whole person--objective and subjective-and one's personal, unique, and significant experience of health and disease.

Homeopathy begins with an in-depth consultation for the purposes of understanding the entire range of symptoms . . . and most initial interviews require 1.5 to 2.5 hours of very focused attention. Fundamental to this process is the homeopath's careful listening to and recording of one's unique and "characteristic" symptoms. The experience of disease-i.e., one's entire symptom complex-directs the homeopath to a remedy with similar indications. Because the homeopathic process is focused on the individual, in most cases persons sharing the same diagnosis will be matched with different homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic REMEDY are generally derived from plant, mineral or animal sources, are regulated by the FDA . . . and have numerous and specific indications for use. Remedies are carefully prepared in manufacturing pharmacies according to strict production standards; they're safe and inexpensive, and do not interact with prescription medications. They're easiest to use in situations of minor injuries, more difficult to use in situations of acute illness, and most difficult to use in situations of chronic, long-term disease, which require consultation with an experienced practitioner.

Alternating "good days" and "bad days" reflect innate attempts to heal, in spite of obstacles to complete recovery . . . This demonstrates how most disease states aren't static or "fixed", but rather dynamic and changing. The expectation is that a remedy helps the healing to be sustained, with complete or near-complete recovery a testament to the power of one's innate healing capacities. As one's general health improves, localized physical complaints also begin to resolve. Good days-physically, mentally and emotionally--become more and more the norm.

Homeopathy offers a safe and effective means of restoring and optimizing health . . . as one's deep and profound self-healing capacities are stimulated by remedies corresponding to the state of disease. Through the use of a holistic assessment, the homeopath works to match one's unique set of symptoms to a specific remedy with similar indications. Rather than opposing symptoms, homeopathic remedies create a heightened inner awareness into the "price" being paid through the stress response. "Awareness is 90% of the cure", and a healing rebound is set in motion: homeopathy ultimately provokes one's deeply innate self-correcting and self-healing potentials, resulting in improved mood, energy and sleep, as well as progressive resolution of particular physical complaints.

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